Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible but more profound: the imparting of knowledge, positive judgment and well-developed wisdom.

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Education in Uttarakhand
Education in Uttarakhand / Uttaranchal


Welcome to the education section, one of the two most important focused sections of “inuttarakhand”.

In this uttarakhand web resource, we do our best efforts to promote the education in uttarakhand at world level. No doubt uttarakhand always be a preferred location for not only every Indian but also for NRI’s and residents of other countries. What we feel? The reason behind this is two main factors, one is its geographical location and the other is its traditional quality education system.

Though it is one of the preferred locations for all foreigners and especially NRI’s who wants their wards education in India, Uttrakhand is not having any good web resource for its all Educational Institutes, from where the finder can get information as per their need. Most of the websites which we have encountered, known for giving information seems to meant for ads rather than imparting relevant information.

Keeping this in mind we have designed and write the content for the site in such a way that it will be easily understandable to the user without any jargons. Our motto is just to provide a pure and hassle free information to our user and promote Uttarakhand at world level.

Through this web resource we provide the list of all Educational Institutes under user friendly segregation of the complete education system. So that, a user can easily gets the information as per his specific needs. We try to provide the listings with contact address, email id and website links so, that our brief information may yield some productive result for both (seeker and provider). Unfortunately we face a problem in many cases that we get the name of institution but not their address, email id and website. In these cases we are helpless to provide a communication medium between the two.

So if you are visiting our site and find a place for yourself, then just write to us with complete online / offline contact address. We welcomed all such entries from all uttarakhand region institutes. We give them space in our listings without any cost. There are no hidden charges. We show your link on our web resource which is completely dedicated to uttarakhand and only uttarakhand.

Note: Plz don't send the entries for the institutes which are out of Uttarakhand region. We are not accepting any request to be a - part of our listing if your institute is not lying under uttarakhand region.

Feel free to write your feed back and suggestion...............