In Uttarakhand a website with an objective to explore Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal to make Uttarakhand a global hub for Education and Tourism.

A heartiest welcome from In Uttarakhand to all Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal lovers. Uttarakhand is celebrating Indias’ 60 years of Independence - Jai Hind - Happy Independence Day - 15 August
An introduction to "In Uttarakhand"

First of all heartiest welcome all Uttarakhandis and Uttarakhand lovers from all over the world.

In Uttarakhand , is a complete information based website dedicated to Uttarakhand. The site is ideal in terms of education as well as tourism. In this site we try to give complete information on Uttarakhand so that one can explore uttarakhand as per their own needs. For this we try to categorize all relevant fields under different headings which will definitely helps you in the search of your need and access the site in a systematic and user friendly way.

At present In Uttarakhand is not fully launched, we have introduced our few introductory sections only. Rest of the sections will be visible very soon in the mean time we will appreciate your queries, feedbacks and suggestions. For this just send us mail at

Our upcoming features will be

  1. Education in Uttarakhand
  2. Tourism in Uttarakhand
  3. Business in Uttarakhand
  4. Medical in Uttarakhand
  5. Sports in Uttarakhand
  6. Spirituality in Uttarakhand
  7. Entertainment in Uttarakhand
  8. & More.........